Wedding Photography In Rome

Magda & Emi Destination Wedding Day, Wedding Photography Rome Italy As an international wedding photographer, I always have a chance to travel around the world for different photography projects. This time found me in such a historical place like Rome, Italy. By far was an exceptional wedding experience as a wedding photographer. When I took the job, I was very excited about this wedding because it is in Rome and who doesn’t want to go to Rome? Also, we travelled the next day to Tivoli for bride and groom wedding photoshoot. The streets in Tivoli are full of Renaissance history and the couple easily integrated very well during the wedding photo shooting. The city has a lot of things to show, it’s full of energy and makes you feel its noblesse, while you’re walking and photographing it. I think it’s the perfect city for romantic wedding photography, a place that will make your photos speak for themselves. I left those two cities, but I kept the memory of such a fantastic time and of course the wedding photos.