Beauty & Lifestyle Photographer

I believe you’ve guessed by now. My photographic style is not reportage or photojournalism.
In my style of photography, you can find a different kind of elements, fashion, glamour, lifestyle and natural magic.

I love to bring fashion and glamour at your wedding, and for this, I must have a cinematic point of view. At your wedding day, I will be your director of photography. Because unique on that day, you and your guests are Holywood stars.

I grew up living around the world and behind it because my father teaches me how to have a big imagination. I love to read, I love to travel, but more of that I love movies. Movies in connection with photography, are the most natural forms of art which can transport you easily behind your imagination, far, far away into the light.

To me, a wedding day is a movie who can’t forget. Because of that, I will bring all my skills to create that movie which is seated in your imagination.
I love to create a compelling visual experience at the end of your wedding day, but not necessary that kind of visual story from real life. I want to create something stronger in my pictures. I want to stop the time in the best way possible.



London & Wedding Venues